Wise Eye Blind Bag

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Isn't that the wizard from the tavern? That is, that's Wise Eye. From divining hidden truths to casting potent spells with just a glace, Wise Eye is both feared and revered by those that have crossed it's path. Able to see far beyond what any normal creature could perceive. What visions have passed through its eye?

Blind Bagged | No limits

LE 25 Vision Seeker | Rainbow Ano, Glitter, Glow
LE 20 Iris Goblin | Black Dyed, Glow
LE 17 Necromancer | Black Dyed, Glitter, Glow
LE 15 Retnacaster | Black Dyed, Glow
LE 13 Pastel Pupil | Copper, Glitter, Glow
LE 9 Vapor Mage | Teal Chrome, Glitter, Glow

2.75 x 2.84"
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