Coffin V4 Blind Bag

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Meet the Coffins of the East, your honorable guides to the next world. How will you preserve your honor of this realm? Will you go out wise, quiet, strong, or bravely? Only you can decide. 
1 blind bag per person
(Limit lifted at midnight)

A set contains a pin of each design:
👴 Coffinucius the Wise👴
🥷 Coffinpo the Quiet🥷
🥋 Kyoshi Coffin the Strong 🥋
🤺 Seppucoffin the Brave🤺 

LE35 Opal
LE25 Murder
LE6 Gift Variant (singles placed with random orders) 

Comes with a chance to get an LE 
6 pin! Gift Variants will NOT come as sets, so that's 24 different mailers with a GV! 🥵