Balloon Blades | Pick Your Variant

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Poppin' off with a twisted arsonal of arms. So don't try any funny business now. The balloon blades include: a Chainsaw, a Battle Axe, and a Dagger! Something fit for any challenge that pops up šŸ’„

No Limits

LE45 OG | Black Nickel
LE35 Prime | Black Dyed
LE25 Mono | Rainbow Ano
LE15 Candy | Copper
LE10 Ink | Black Dyed

ā€¢ 3 Pin Set
ā€¢ 3D Detail
ā€¢ Chainsaw:
---- 1.76 x 1.05"
ā€¢ Battle Axe:
---- 0.87 x 1.56"
ā€¢ Dagger:
---- 0.5 x 1.25"
ā€¢ all double posted